Cyber Security & Safeguarding

Cyber Security

Cyber security – when the last line of defence lets you down

The way we work has significantly changed. The increase in hybrid and home working has created a shift in how many firms’ IT technology is configured and used….

How COVID has impacted cyber security and tips for protecting your business

How COVID has impacted cyber security and how to protect your business

COVID-19 has changed how businesses use their IT infrastructure. Home working, video conferencing and flexible working that encouraged a BYOD (bring your own device) culture have left businesses vulnerable to cyber threats, including previously unseen malware….

Keeping your mobile phones and tablets secure

How to keep your smartphones and tablets secure online

When it comes to being secure online, thoughts naturally turn to cyberattacks and viruses. In fact the problem could be much closer to home. Literally….

Top tips for maintaining cyber security when working from home

Top tips on how to maintain cyber security when working from home

As we all adapt to working from home a lot more often, it’s important for employers and employees to address the IT security issues that arise from remote work….

Working from Home - IT Security Challenges

Top 8 cyber security risks of working from home

As so many of have started to adapt to the new norm that is working from home, one of the major concerns we need to address is the IT security issues caused by working remotely and without many of the protections afforded by an office network….

Top tips for improving your business IT security

Top tips for improving your business IT security

Do you fear that your business may be hacked? Are you looking for ways to enhance your security measures? A staggering amount of business across the world fall victim to cyberattacks every day and that number is increasing as more companies move online….

Government announces plans to enhance cyber security of UK’s critical supply chains

Government announces plans to enhance cyber security of UK’s critical supply chains

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has called for measures to be put in place to boost cyber security of the UK’s digital supply chains and third-party IT services….

Has my website been hacked?

Has my computer been hacked? And what can I do about it?

As we become more reliant on the online world, the chances of your computer getting hacked is increasing every day. But has your site been hacked? And, if so, what can you do about it?…

Shopping Safely Online at Christmas

The ultimate guide to shopping safely online

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, most people have opted to shop online this Christmas. It’s a quick and easy option to buy for everyone on your list without having to brave the shops. As more and more people move online, however, unfortunately the risk of being scammed has increased significantly….

Whaling Attack

What is a whaling attack? And what can my business do to protect against them?

A whaling attack is a highly targeted phishing attack used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information, data or funds. But should you be worried? And what can you do if you become a victim?…