The E2E story

About us

We’re a proactive, SLA-beating, managed service provider that busts the common stereotypes surrounding IT. By working hand in hand with you we take the hassle out of IT, monitoring, managing and maintaining your systems so you can get back to doing what you do best.

What do we stand for?

There’s more to IT than simply ‘doing the job’… Who we are and how we treat others – it’s these factors that make people want to work with us.

Every success we achieve is thanks to one thing… people. Whether they’re clients, partners or employees, the people we work with are amazing. As a result, we’ve built a people-focused culture designed to recognise and reward commitment and hard work.

As with everything else at E2E, this culture is based around six key values…


We are passionate about what we do. Passionate about technology, passionate about solving problems and passionate about providing great customer service. By taking great pride in what we do and how we do it, we help guarantee customer satisfaction.

We believe innovation is in our DNA. This means finding creative solutions to problems, embracing the latest technologies and methodologies and taking an open minded approach to fulfilling our customers' needs.

We believe in being flexible as a business, both to the needs of our staff and those of our customers. We aim to strike a healthy work/life balance whilst demonstrating a willingness to adapt to new challenges, deadlines or time frames as required.

In any customer service environment, reputation is fundamental to success. We believe that the best way to earn and retain a good reputation from the ground up is to adopt behaviours and ways of working that promote honesty, integrity and trust.

A great team is more than the sum of its parts. Each member of our team brings different talents and perspectives to the table. Embracing our differences and respecting each other is vital to achieving success.

We aim to deliver great service, support and solutions on time, every time. Our customers' ability to trust that we have them covered allows them to focus on their core business activities, safe in the knowledge we will be there when they need us.

How did it all start?

E2E was born from a mix of frustration and good intentions. Frustration over the high prices, terrible service and poor communication inherent within the IT support sector. Good intentions relating to a desire to overturn the stereotypes typically attached to managed IT services.

With over fifteen years’ in the sector, our founders were also driven by a nagging feeling that things could almost certainly be done better… Faster, simpler, less reactive. More human.

And you know what? They’ve got a point…

Why should IT be complicated? Unresponsive? Unapproachable? Surely it would be better to proactively manage and maintain technology so that problems don’t occur in the first place? It’s not rocket science, especially when you consider that the average SME loses 500+ hours per year due to IT issues (mostly caused by poor support and reactive maintenance).

Who do
we support?

We’re lucky to have worked with some pretty well-known brands, both nationally and closer to home. We’re not into favouritism but we did particularly enjoy working with these…

Who do we
work with?

We’re either partners with or supply solutions from some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies. Here’s just a few you may have heard of…

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