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Legacy Computer Systems

Why legacy IT systems are putting your business at risk

Legacy IT systems are still being used by organisations of all sizes across the UK. The majority are no longer fit for purpose, but there is a reluctance to replace or update them, primarily because of cost and the fear of disruption. Complacency and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” are other contributory factors!…

The Cloud

What is the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

OneDrive and SharePoint are both Microsoft 365 cloud storage platforms that are being increasingly adopted by SMEs and some larger businesses. But what’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint, and how could they be adopted within your business?…

What is the difference between busines continuity and disaster recovery

What is the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery?

Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP) are often rolled into one IT strategy for protecting businesses. However, it is important to understand their differences and why one shouldn’t be implemented without the other….

AI and enhanced cyber security

AI and enhanced security and threat detection

For the cybersecurity of UK businesses, AI (artificial intelligence) has been a gamechanger. It detects and prevents threats with minimal human intervention, and automates incident response. …

Boosting business productivity with technology

Boosting business productivity with technology

Confidence in investing in new and existing tech is growing for UK businesses. Where there may have previously been resistance to spending money on new technologies, there is now a clearer understanding of how technology boosts productivity, and therefore growth….

Current IT trends

Emerging IT trends and their impact on IT support

IT support is changing. This is a direct response to emerging IT trends and their rapid adoption by businesses. We examine how IT trends are influencing change in businesses and the way in which IT support providers adopt those trends in their own support processes….

How to shop safely online

How to shop safely online

Shopping online is convenient. You can shop for your worldly goods from the comfort of your sofa and simply wait for the goods to be delivered. What could possibly go wrong?…

How to protect yourself and your business from online scams

How to protect yourself and your business from online scams

For both individuals and businesses, online scams can be devastating. Because so many of us work and play online there is the danger of complacency and misplaced trust when it comes to online scams, theft and potential data breaches….

Are password managers safe and should I use one?

Are password managers safe and should I use one?

We’re always told, “don’t give your password to ANYBODY”. Yet, we’re also told we should give all of our passwords to a password manager to help us remember what they are. Confusing? You betcha!…

CRM System

Bespoke CRM vs Off the Shelf CRM – which is better for my business?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is designed to manage and enhance your business’s relationship with your customers and potential customers. With both bespoke and off the shelf CRM software available, which is better for your business?…

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