Cloud Hosting, Storage and Email

Forward-thinking organisations are embracing the benefits of the cloud when managing their data and emails. We can help your team boost agility, innovation and efficiency whilst driving down costs and waste.

With the advent of flexible and remote working, workers can no longer be tethered to their desks and maintain peak productivity. To stay ahead of the competition, they need access to their files and emails from wherever they are, be that home, office or business trip.

What is the cloud?

In days gone by, your files (emails, documents, drawings etc.) would be stored locally, usually on a single machine or a server within your office. The cloud takes those files and stores them across a huge network of secure servers throughout the world. Those files are then made available to you – through your computer, phone or tablet – via the internet.

Examples of cloud services include…

  • Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (cloud storage)
  • Microsoft Azure (cloud hosting)
  • Hosted Exchange (cloud email)
  • Acronis Backup

What do we do?

Our in-house cloud specialists offer a range of flexible, cost-effective cloud solutions that help improve communication, collaboration and productivity within your business.

So, why use the cloud?

  • Dramatically improved security – Cloud storage offers significantly improved data security over files stored more traditionally, in a single location.
  • Enhanced productivity and flexibility – Your employees can access their files or emails from anywhere in the world, providing they have an internet connection.
  • Reduced capital expenditure – Unlike traditional office-based infrastructure (e.g. servers), when it comes to the cloud there’s usually no up-front costs involved. Instead, you have manageable and predictable monthly subscription charges. What’s more, you only pay for what you use.
  • Scalability – Whereas a physical server is limited in terms of both power and storage capacity, cloud storage has no such limits. You can add or remove capacity at a moment’s notice.
  • Collaboration and communication – With the cloud, your team can be in a wide variety of locations (even on the other side of the world) and access the same files. Many people can work and collaborate on the same document, making changes in real-time, improving communication, productivity and results.

Need maximum flexibility for your business? Want to dramatically improve collaboration, communication and productivity? The cloud could be the answer…

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 – formerly known as Office 365 – makes it easier to manage files whilst simplifying collaboration amongst employees. This groundbreaking business software combines popular features such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the next generation of productivity-based services such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Users can expect the same Microsoft Office interface they’ve come to know and love, guaranteed uptime, maximum flexibility, automatic updates for life, excellent security and, crucially, flexible pricing offering significant savings over older versions of Microsoft 365’s predecessor, Office.

Cloud storage

For many SMEs, buying a server might not be an option. Whilst not always the case, they can prove expensive, have a limited lifespan, have rigid functionality and need maintaining by those with specialist knowledge. The advent of cloud storage, however, has helped overcome such challenges with even the smallest business having access to almost unlimited storage and enterprise-level features.

The Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint solutions offered by E2E provide a central location for businesses to store and access their data from anywhere, be that office, home or the other side of the world. As such, they’re ideal for any business with a dispersed or remote workforce. Cloud storage is cost-effective, quick to set up and flexible, giving our customers as much space as their teams need for a low, monthly price.

Cloud backup

If you rely upon computers for your business, you could be at risk of losing critical data, be that yours or your customers’. Whether that’s due to a cyber-attack, fire, flood or simple hardware failure, lost data can often lead to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. It’s no wonder, therefore, that cloud backup has become a cost-effective and essential component of many business’ IT strategies.

In simple terms, cloud backup is an offsite storage solution that enables companies to backup files, folders, applications (or even an entire network), safely and securely — with the choice of a hybrid on-premise/cloud scenario or backing up to secure UK hosted data centres. Should the worst happen, we can restore your data (and your productivity), getting both you and your workforce back up and running in no time.

Cloud email (Hosted Exchange)

Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based email system that gives businesses a fully-managed, cutting-edge, reliable email system by effectively allows them to ‘rent’ Microsoft Exchange server space. In taking this step, they remove all of the hassles associated with managing your organisation’s emails locally.

Your team will have instant, remote access to their emails, address book, calendar and shared files from wherever they are in the world. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from enhanced security, faster access to emails than more outdated forms of email (POP3, IMAP etc.) and larger attachment capacity. Being a managed solution, you won’t need to worry about downtime or technical hitches either.

Cloud hosting

For all of the reasons covered above, more and more organisations are moving their business critical operations to the cloud. As Microsoft Silver and Amazon partners, we’re ideally placed to help you do the same.

Almost anything that you can store – or ‘host’ – locally (i.e. on a machine or server in your office) can be hosted on the cloud, be that on the Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS platform or via our hardware ‘co-location’ service.

The benefits of cloud hosting?
  • Fast, easy setup
  • Low cost of ownership in terms of hardware – that expensive server is replaced by a single, extremely reasonable monthly subscription
  • Dramatically improved security (both physical and digital) over more traditional, on premise options
  • Maximum flexibility – allows remote working from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world
  • Vastly improved disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities
  • Reduced levels of maintenance required – many upgrades and updates are done automatically by the provider (e.g. Microsoft or Amazon)
  • Reduced downtime when compared to your average local server
  • Scalability – need more data? We can add it almost instantly. Don’t need as much as you once done? We can remove it just as quickly.

For those looking for a more bespoke service, we can also set you up at one of our UK-only data centres.

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