Connectivity & Cabling

From data cabling and broadband to Wi-Fi, VOIP comms and business-grade fibre-optics, we keep your team connected, secure and productive, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whatever the size of your business, your network is the glue that holds your people, processes and platforms together. We can make your IT infrastructure a responsive enabler of your business, not a time-consuming necessity.

What do we do?

The North West’s fastest growing IT firm, we provide a variety of connectivity options, ranging from simple business broadband to dedicated internet access solutions and managed MPLS services.

In doing so, we deliver the tailored, business-grade, ‘always on’ connections you need with performance and price levels to suit and the capacity to grow as you do.

The age, condition and suitability of your IT cabling and connectivity could have a severely detrimental effect upon the speed of your network.

Often taken for granted, most businesses overlook cabling and connectivity in favour of more glamorous investments such as workstations or new servers. Instead of reviewing things regularly, they only consider connectivity when they move offices.

Over recent years, not only has the type of devices we use for work changed, so have our working patterns, with substantially higher numbers of people working remotely. With this comes the need for dramatically improved connectivity with older or less sophisticated networks failing to cope with the increased in demand.

How can we help?

We provide our customers with technology to maintain and scale their businesses, as well as ensuring they have the security, resilience and backup needed.

Network design

How your network is cabled, segregated and prioritised makes a fundamental difference to network performance. Far more of a difference than most people appreciate. Unlike a laptop or a monitor, a network can’t simply be bought ‘off the shelf’. It must be designed with your specific requirements and priorities in mind with more than a nod towards the future. Too little thought, a low quality component or insufficient planning could lead to a slow, poorly performing network that restricts your business rather than enabling it.

Whilst many IT firms only pay lip service to network design, at E2E our considerable experience in this area has taught us to adopt a ‘network first’ approach. To learn more about our network design capabilities, why not get in touch?

Leased lines

Our leased lines offer a dedicated connection with built in resilience and failovers, giving your team not only the reliability they need, but also significantly higher capacities as well as identical upload and download speeds. We monitor your connection and act as a single point of contact for any service requests.


From conventional broadband to FTTC (fibre to the cabinet), we can advise on the options available to your business, helping to determine the speed, capacity and resilience that your team demands. With that choice made, we can manage your broadband or fibre transition and act as your single point of contact for both orders and service requests.

Data cabling

Whether you’re moving premises or need to enhance your existing network, structured cabling acts as the backbone to your organisation’s data network. Be it cat5e, cat6 or fibre optic, our experienced cabling teams will design and install your cabling system to the very highest standard. Supporting any voice or data application, these installations will help future proof your network infrastructure with traditional cabling works, patch panels, distribution points/frames also being available.

The proactive maintenance of your existing network – via the testing and organisation of cables and cabinets – can also help mitigate the likelihood of failures, reducing the chance of downtime in the process.

Wireless connectivity (WiFi)

An agile workforce is a productive one, just one of the reasons why WiFi is so critical to modern organisations. They allow your team to work efficiently, releasing them from their desks and letting them be productive wherever they need to be. Thanks to our robust security controls, you can specify who has access, what they have access to and for how long, ensuring your network and its data remains secure.

But fast, reliable WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity. It’s about enhancing the experience of your customers and visitors too. Assisting them in getting online simply, swiftly, securely and reliably.

As well as traditional wireless solutions, we also provide Wireless as a Service to eliminate the managerial and financial burden of complex wireless solutions. We deploy, manage and maintain your wireless systems so you don’t have to.

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