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From a single Microsoft 365 licence, laptop or printer to multiple workstations and servers, we supply thousands of items each and every year, both to existing support clients and standalone customers.

The right software is essential for your business, helping you cut costs, streamline operations and improve efficiency. Without the hardware to suit, however, you're unlikely to get the results you desire. In fact, slow or inappropriate technology could stop your organisation in its tracks, causing it and your customers significant harm.

Does hardware really matter?

Of course! Think of your network as a machine with each cog being a laptop, server or switch. Should any one of these fail due to age, unsuitability or quality issues, your business could be severely impacted. The results could include…

  • Significant downtime
  • Reduced productivity
  • Lower revenue and profit
  • Customer complaints
  • Eroded confidence
  • Reputational damage
  • Financial penalties
  • SLAs/KPIs missed

Combine the right hardware with carefully selected software, however, and you could add real, measurable value to both your business and its customers.

You may have the brightest people, but without the software and hardware to match, your team could grind to a halt. Speed, reliability, capacity… all of these are key to productivity.

What do we do?

The North West’s fastest growing IT firm, we support hundreds of clients throughout the UK, delivering the cutting-edge, reliable solutions their teams demand. Thanks in part to our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the business (as well as our in-house expertise), we’re able to specify and supply those products that will help our customers achieve their strategic goals.

Unlike most hardware and software retailers, we don’t simply drop your products off via courier. Instead, we deliver them by hand, installing and setting them up to suit your network, guaranteeing that you hit the ground running.

What’s more, as a leading managed IT services provider, we’re ideally placed to support any equipment you buy, monitoring and proactively maintaining it from afar, keeping your users (and your business) both secure and productive.

What can we supply?

From HP and Microsoft to Adobe and Intel, our procurement teams work hand in hand with some of the most respected names in IT. Partnering with such firms means we can offer the very latest hardware and software, delivered, installed and ready-configured to suit your requirements.

Not only can we fulfil your orders at short notice, thanks to our excellent relationships with manufacturers, we’re also extremely competitively priced…


As with most hardware suppliers, you might imagine that laptops, desktops and tablets would be our bread and butter. And you’d be right… That and a huge range of cables, accessories and consumables.

Unlike your average IT retailer, however, we also supply more specialist equipment such as…

  • Cutting-edge servers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Wireless solutions
  • Components (RAM, hard drives, processors, graphics cards etc.)

So, whether you’re looking for a workstation from HP, a graphics card from Nvidia or a monitor from iiyama, getting in touch with our IT hardware team should be first on your list.


Running a business isn’t easy… trying to do so using the wrong software, however, can prove almost impossible.

Whilst there are a few obvious staples (Microsoft 365, for example), there are all sorts of other packages on the market, specifically designed by the World’s leading software houses to improve communication, enhance collaboration and boost productivity.

From word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to accountancy, graphic design, video editing and anti-virus programs, our professional team can advise on – and then supply – the most appropriate software for your business.

Here are just a handful of our more popular applications…

  • Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365 (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business etc.)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Mac OS
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.)
  • Avast Anti-Virus
  • Sage Accounts and Payroll
  • QuickBooks
  • AutoCAD
  • VMware and so on…

To learn more about our our range of business software packages or to request a price, why not get in touch? A member of our friendly, expert team will be happy to help.

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