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Corporate Social Responsibility

Work isn't just about paying the bills, far from it. As far as we're concerned, who we are and how we act are far more important than a healthy bank balance. It's no wonder, therefore, that we're constantly striving to engage, empower and give back to the people and communities with which we work.

Our people

Our people help businesses who, in turn, provide products and services to yet more people. It goes without saying, therefore, that our team are at the very heart of everything we do.

A good IT support engineer or technician doesn’t just need the technical skills necessary for the job, they also need experience, problem-solving abilities, good judgement and flexibility. People like these don’t grow on trees and yet, without them, we simply couldn’t deliver the service our customers deserve. It’s should be no surprise, therefore, that we invest heavily in the health, safety, training and development of our employees.

  • All team members undergo extensive health and safety training when they join along with updates and regular refresher sessions thereafter.
  • Every technically-focused member of staff receives both internally-developed and manufacturer-approved training appropriate to their role and the systems and/or software they will be working with.
  • We promote a healthy work-life balance for our entire team with strict working hours put in place whilst actively discouraging people from working beyond their limits. In line with this, we frequently hold group social events allowing team members to unwind and mix with their colleagues outside of the working environment.
  • We promote an ‘open door’ culture within the organisation, making it easy for anyone with concerns (be they work or non-work related) to reach out and speak to another, perhaps more senior member of staff should they wish to.
  • An equal opportunities employer, we believe that diversity within a business – be that in terms of gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion or sexual orientation – should be both valued and encouraged. We seek to employ the right people, regardless of their background, personal experiences or preferences.

Our stakeholders (clients and suppliers)

All businesses have clients – almost all of us are somebody’s client and we all have suppliers of one sort or another. From our perspective, therefore, how we treat our stakeholders is every bit as important as how we treat our employees. It says a great deal about who we are as people rather than simply the services we provide.

Customer service is at the top of our list of priorities with our approach often varying considerably from one client to another. Due to the nature of our work, we get to know our clients pretty well, working hard to understand their motivations and what’s important to them. In doing so, we’re better able to deliver the level of service they both expect and deserve.

The same is true for our suppliers. Regardless of their size or type, we do our best to appreciate their business, their priorities and, most importantly, the people who work there. We’re committed to treating these organisations ethically, paying them on time, promptly communicating any concerns we might have whilst treating any issues they may raise with the utmost importance.

Our community

We’re a predominantly regional business with the bulk of our employees hailing from the North West. It’s no surprise, therefore, that we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Whilst we donate to a wide range of worthwhile charities, we also sponsor a number of local sports teams including West Kirby United FC Under 12s. A fantastic organisation that does great work for the community, this team brings local children together to stay social, active and healthy.

Our environment

Due to the nature of our business, our activities don’t have a vast impact upon the environment. As far as we’re concerned, however, that’s no reason to rest upon our laurels…

  •  Due to the thousands of miles our support teams do every year, the single biggest impact we have upon the environment takes the form of vehicle emissions. With suitable electric vans not yet available, we’re unable to avoid using petrol and/or diesel-powered vehicles. In an attempt to minimise our impact, therefore, we regularly update our entire fleet of vans, upgrading to the latest, cleanest and most fuel-efficient models available.
  • We’re almost fanatical about reducing energy usage within our offices, using energy efficient appliances and IT equipment as well as LED light bulbs throughout.
  • We leave every site we work on exactly as we found it, removing all waste from site and disposing of it responsibly.

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