Cyber Security and Safeguarding

Be it anti-virus and content filtering or consultancy and testing services, our market-leading cyber security solutions keep both your data and your customers protected, safeguarding your business in the process.

The North West's cyber security specialists, we offer both managed and off-the-shelf cyber security solutions to some of the region’s most recognisable businesses.

Be they local SMEs or multi-nationals, our multi-layered, holistic approach to cyber security allows us to protect organisations of all types from the potentially crippling effects of cyber-attacks.

Do you need cyber security?

The simple answer is YES.

Cyber security is a business challenge, not just an IT one, and with attacks increasing year on year, it’s no longer something that can be ignored. Without the appropriate measures in place, your business could be exposed to criminals seeking to…

  • Hold your organisation or customers to ransom
  • Steal valuable data from you, your employees or your customers
  • Harm your business simply for the challenge and entertainment value
  • Damage your business and/or its reputation

Could you afford to pay the average £21,000 cost of a ransomware attack? Could you cope with being offline for days, weeks or perhaps months?

Some larger firms may be able to weather that kind of storm. For many SMEs, however, the outcome would be very different… It goes without saying, therefore, that getting the right advice is critical when it comes to protecting your business.

How can we help?

Our North West-based cyber security experts analyse your organisation, identifying areas of concern and putting a road map in place to safeguard your infrastructure from both internal and external threats.

Using the very latest software and hardware security technology, we proactively and cost-effectively protect your systems, keeping your business safe, minimising risk and ensuring uninterrupted access to the information you need.

To learn how we could help protect your business, why not get in touch? Talk to an expert today.

Facts and figures

Many businesses grossly underestimate the impact of a successful attack with a shocking 25% of SMEs having no cyber security measures in place at all and even more merely paying lip service to the risks involved.

With 67% of SMEs falling victim to cyber-attacks in the past year, it’s clear that this is has become a problem of epic proportions. The question is no longer if your firm will be attacked… but when.

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