Software Development

Be it bespoke CRM and POS software or custom-made stock management and self-service portals, our software drives efficiency, enhances existing processes and boosts your bottom line.

We work with companies throughout the UK, building bespoke software, tailored to reflect their needs, Secure, unique and scalable, we use cutting edge techniques and tools to deliver software that drives change, enhances existing processes and boosts your bottom line.

How can we help?

From platform modernisation to system integration, we provide full-cycle development and implementation services in digitising your business process that supports your business-critical strategies. Delivering solutions in a large variety of scopes and complexities by using the streamlined approach to accessing software assets and features.

  • Self-service portals
  • Workforce collaboration tools/platform
  • Business intelligence
  • Billing and payment
  • Bespoke CRM development
  • Warehouse management

How we work

Taking advantage of emerging software development technologies and adopting a pragmatic approach, our dedicated development teams deliver the bespoke software solutions that incorporate with your business, enhance your user experience and uplift your online presence

Adopting the best practice of Agile Development Approach, we deliver working software solutions tailored to your specific business needs on time and on budget. Our front-end skillsets, ranging from the fundamental CSS to the latest JS frameworks can empower your software solutions with intuitive interfaces and responsiveness. Our committed development teams are experts at using leading technologies to develop reliable software that builds big competitive advantage and boosts business efficiency.

Our team who have both industry expertise and strong technical background listen, understand and even challenge your ideas before we finalise an outline of the solution that best meet your needs and expectation. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your business process and current challenges, we conduct site visits to observe your end-user behaviour to gain insight about how work is currently done.  This allows us to contribute our thoughts to optimising the solution. This process helps avoid any assumption or miscommunication, so that everyone involved in the project agrees with what will be developed.

A formal proposal including project timelines, workload estimation and key deliverables planned in the feature set for the product will be presented to you and your project stakeholders.

What we can do

One of the North West’s leading developers of bespoke software, we produce applications (both desktop and web-based) that either replicate or enhance your existing business processes. Whether that’s stock control, point of sale or CRM, we take what’s currently a manual process and automate it, enforcing best practice and dramatically improving productivity in the process.

Web application development

Our web application development experience ranges from delivering enterprise-level software solutions to digitising in house processes. Putting quality, security, design, scalability, and usability at the centre of the application development, we can guide you through the development journey and build web applications tailored to your needs and expectations.

Great UI and UX shape the way your users engage with your product and may determine your business success. Our front-end team are experts at designing and developing intuitive, neat and modern interfaces.

We create web applications that are fast and responsive, delivering the best user experience and leading to higher engagement.

Development cycles and fast iteration

Providing Agile development services for over 10 years, our self-managed, highly-motivated and proactive development team has established a high-level standardised developing process and a common development environment to speed up the development whilst delivering finely-crafted and working features incrementally with uncompromised quality.

As we adopt the test-driven development approach, both usability testing and functional testing will be conducted throughout the development cycle to eliminate the bugs and glitches in each sprint.

Migration services

As part of our Software Development services, we can make the right integration strategies for you.

To ensure the security and reliability are built in the integration process, we strictly follow the streamlined approach by studying your current database, prioritising and validating data usage, ensuring data quality, and implementing constant testing.

Our expert team ensure that the transition from legacy systems is as seamless as possible, to reduce downtime and disruption to your business.

Software testing and quality assurance

Our testing services range from individual testers who manually execute existing test cases, to being fully integrated into the software development lifecycle and taking complete responsibility for testing by establishing testing methodologies, creating test cases/plans and performing actual testing.

We can also perform a testing assessment to help you optimise your testing procedures and then set up a process tailored to the type of software solution at hand.

We provide user acceptance testing with the end users, as well as comprehensive functional testing in house, to ensure the software is ready for launch.

Training and ongoing support

We are confident that our working software solutions are intuitive to the end users. However, prior to the product launch, we can provide on-site training or User Guides to help you set up if needed.

Pre-launch, we can provide technical support in terms of existing infrastructure advice.
In the post-launch phase, we also provide tailored on-going support in terms of software maintenance and new feature enhancement if required.

What’s more, we continue to work with you through change cycles based on your specific business requirements. In doing so, your software can easily scale with any changes to your business process and targets.

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