How important is office space? Will my company need an office in a post COVID world?

As lockdown begins to ease throughout the UK, many businesses are now considering whether they really need an office space at all……

Do we need an office in a post COVID world?

Since the emergence of COVID-19, many companies have been forced to shut down their offices and implement remote working. This has led to a new outlook on working from home, with many businesses continuing to survive – and even thrive – away from the office. As lockdown begins to ease throughout the UK, many businesses are now considering whether they really need an office space at all…

That said, there are still many reasons why a company office is hugely important to a business. It’s the centre of activity and creates a special work-focused environment that allows employees to perform their jobs easily and productively. Offices offer workers the tools, resources and space they need to work efficiently and help companies maintain strong communication and collaboration.

So, how important is office space? If you’re considering moving your company to full time remote working, let’s first take a look at some reasons why a company office can still be hugely beneficial.

Creates a strong community

When working from home every day of the week, you can sometimes feel a little isolated and this can lead to a lack of motivation and creativity. Having a professional and stimulating office space can help your employees to feel the same passion for the company as you do.

An office can be a safe, personalised space for your employees to feel comfortable, creative, innovative and ultimately work to their potential. It’s one of the best ways for them to separate their home life from their work life and associate their work with a positive environment.

Collaboration and communication

The success of your business is largely dependent on how well your employees work together. If your employees feel isolated or find it difficult to communicate with each other, the quality of their work may suffer. An office space allows your team to build strong connections that will help them to perform their roles to the best of their ability as they work towards the same goal.

Office infrastructure

Having an office space allows you access to business level infrastructure which will solve any connectivity issues you may have when working from home. If your wi-fi isn’t up to scratch, or your phone signal is a bit patchy, your productivity can suffer, and clients may become frustrated.

A company office can offer you super-fast business standard internet connections, wired phones lines, a cleaning service, dedicated post services and sometimes a receptionist. This will allow you and your team to spend the working day being proactive and creative, whilst helping your company to look professional. Get in touch with our team to discuss IT infrastructure options.

Work ethic and productivity

Everyone works differently, but we all know that working from home can come with lots more distractions than the office. It may be hard to find a quiet place, or it may be too quiet for you to get into the groove, there may be small children screaming in your ear all day, or a constant desire to snack. All of these distractions can affect how much work you and your team get done, which is why having a dedicated office space is important.

When everyone is working together in an office, there is a certain work ethic that is maintained by all and it’s easier for people to be accountable for their responsibilities.


Away from the business side, it’s also important that your employees form friendships and enjoy some social time together. Social interaction is much harder when everyone is working from home, which can lead to a lack of cohesion in your team.

Professional image

This does depend on the type of business you run, but, having a professional base to work from can help to boost your brand and image. Clients or customers need to trust you and your company, so hosting meetings in your office will convey a more professional image. Meeting clients and customers face to face, rather than over the phone can also be much more productive for your company and can help you form more lasting business relationships.

Good location

Alongside helping your professional image, having an office in a central location which is accessible to clients and customers can also boost your business. It’s much easier to set up meetings in well known areas in business districts or cities than remote, or obscure venues.

Professional development

Having a dedicated office space also enables mentoring between colleagues which can lead to improved professional development in your team. In an office it is much easier to host training sessions or workshops for staff, offer hands on help with problems and plan mentoring meetings. These sessions can also boost the moral and motivation of other workers who may be looking to gain more experience.

How important is office space?

It‘s clear that having a dedicated office space can hugely benefit businesses for a number of reasons. If you’d like help getting your office back up and running, get in touch with our friendly team today!