What is Software as a Service? And why should you care?

You may have heard of the term ‘Software as a Service’ or ‘SaaS’. But exactly what is it, why would you need it and what types of software can fall into this category?…

What is Software as a Service

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a licensing and distribution model that is used to deliver software applications over the Internet, sometimes referred to as cloud-based services. So, instead of downloading software to run solely on your desktop, laptop or network, frequently you can simply access it via a web browser.

The software application could be anything from customer relationship management apps (CRM), email, instant messaging, productivity software suites like Google apps, to storage solutions such as Dropbox.

Having access to these software applications via a cloud-based service allows companies to move the task of managing software and its deployment to third party services with easy to navigate subscriptions.

Why should you care?

One of the main advantages to SaaS is that it reduces the cost of software ownership by removing the need for technical staff to manage, install and upgrade software. There is also no need to pay for licencing software, plus these services usually run on a ‘subscription model’, making it much easier to budget and manage. The setup is straightforward and much quicker compared to in-house IT.

SaaS is easily accessible and can run on any internet browser, from any operating system. So, whether you’re on a Mac, Windows PC or mobile phone, using Chrome, Edge or Safari, the application will always be accessible, making SaaS incredibly versatile.

Another main advantage of Software as a Service is the ability to centralise updates and patches. This means that businesses are not affected when applications need updates or improvements, plus security is maintained throughout. SaaS is also scaleable, in that if your company needs to add or remove users, it can be done easily by editing the billing plan or subscription.

The only real disadvantage to SaaS is that most applications require an internet connection to run. However, with Wi-Fi becoming increasingly more available and the wide variety of broadband deals on the market, this is becoming less of an issue for businesses.

There’s no doubt that SaaS and cloud computing is the future, with more and more companies making use of the huge advantages that the service can bring to business. SaaS is developing and becoming more innovative everyday with more end-to-end integration, a growing emphasis on the relationship between companies and providers and more advanced, data backed insight.

Overall, SaaS offers a great deal of benefits that work in favour of both suppliers and users. It offers unrivalled opportunities that can help businesses develop, expand and provide more value to both employees and clients.

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