What IT cabling and connectivity does my business need?

The effectiveness of your IT network is heavily reliant on connectivity and cabling, your network boosting productivity and maximising your team’s potential. That’s why your cabling and connectivity need to deliver: day in, day out….

What IT cabling and connectivity does my business need?

Cabling and connectivity work together to create the network you need. E2E Technologies offer a range of connectivity and cabling services that ensure clients’ networks run to their full potential.

Cabling, connectivity and network design

Bespoke network design makes a business far more productive and profitable. E2E Technologies always adopt a ‘network first’ approach, because without fine network planning, your IT infrastructure is vulnerable and your business can suffer.

We design networks that facilitate maximum productivity for each individual client. No two networks are the same because each business operates differently. Our designs are based on how your network should be cabled, segregated and prioritised to the benefit of the current set up of the business and any future possible upscaling or change.

What cabling do I need for my business?

Data cabling, sometimes referred to as structured cabling or structured network cabling, is the backbone of your network. It distributes signals across your network that enable your internet and telecommunication systems, alarms and security to work effectively to the needs of the business.

Well-designed data cabling enhances both the efficiency and performance of your IT infrastructure which improves the overall function of your business. Well-designed data cabling also mitigates costs by avoiding network downtime.

E2E Technologies design structured cabling that supports any VoIP or data system. Our data cabling installations futureproof your network infrastructure. We also assess and maintain existing data cabling by testing and organising cables and cabinets to ensure that failures, and therefore downtime, are kept to a minimum.

What connectivity do I need for my business?

Particularly with so many businesses using cloud hosting, high-performance connectivity is crucial. But connectivity is a confusing space for businesses trying to work out which type of connectivity will suit them best. E2E Technologies fully analyse the needs of a business before implementing bespoke connectivity platforms and processes.


Something we’ve all heard of! But the speed of broadband and capacity that businesses need vary depending on their operation.

Let’s make sense of some of the terminology:

Business broadband

Business broadband (ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is on a parr with residential broadband and sometimes sufficient for low-use circuits or where fibre isn’t available.

Bonded broadband

Bonded broadband is around 4 times faster than ADSL. It works by rolling multiple internet connections into one, combining up to four lines to create a single, high speed connection.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband, also known as superfast business fibre, is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable. Fibre optic cabling runs from the local telephone exchange to the roadside cabinet. This is why this superfast broadband is known as ‘fibre to cabinet’. The broadband is then typically delivered from the cabinet to a telephone line by copper cable.

We’ll consider all of these options and advise on which is best for your business, depending on the speed, capacity and resilience required. We then manage the installation process including the transition to fibre if this isn’t already in place.

Leased lines

Leased lines provide a dedicated connection with a built-in backup system to which your connectivity can default in the unlikely event of a failure. This provides increased reliability to give your teams peace of mind. Leased lines also offer high levels of capacity along with identical upload and download speeds.

Wireless connectivity

A reliable wireless connection (Wi-Fi) facilitates agile working. Your people can work just as efficiently away from the desks as they do in front of a PC. E2E Technologies install Wi-Fi systems with specified security controls relating to access and the length of time access is granted. Fast Wi-Fi also benefits customers and visitors, particularly in B2C organisations.

E2E Technologies offer Wireless as a Service (WaaS) to continually manage and maintain complex Wi-Fi systems to ensure they are delivering the performance needed for your business.

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