8 reasons to choose Office 365

Office 365 is changing the way organisations work, improving flexibility, collaboration and communication. Learn how it could drive efficiency within your business….

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is changing the way businesses work. Recent trends have seen organisations become increasingly comfortable with the idea of using the services of the cloud-based platform to drive business productivity, at a flexible and affordable cost.

However, there are still many businesses around the world who have not made the crucial step up to a cloud-based system like Office 365. There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps they think the migration would be too laborious, they may be content with the outdated system they already have, or maybe they see introducing new systems to staff members challenging.

If you want your business to move forward and be innovative, these outdated systems will start to hinder your workflow increasingly over time. So why wait? Take the next step to better productivity and innovation today with Office 365.

To help you make your mind up, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide covering just some of the reasons why you and your business should consider migrating to the Office 365 platform.

1. You’ll save on maintenance costs

Whilst conventional software is saved on your local machine server, Office 365 sits in the cloud, offering a number of key advantages such as eliminating the maintenance costs associated with local servers. It can also be integrated with your business’ on-site solutions whilst the Office 365 Trust Centre ensures your information and data is always secure.

2. Data back up and loss prevention

It has never been more important to keep records of data and documents, which makes the possibility of losing them even more catastrophic. Office 365’s back up and data protection ensures that you and your business never have to worry about losing data again.

3. It grows to fit your business

Forget the hassle of buying a new hard drive to increase storage space. Office 365 offers scalability through a “pay for what you need” system. So, when your business begins to grow, simply add on the amount of data storage and services you require. OneDrive for Business is an affordable, online data storage system that is perfect for ever expanding workplaces.

4. You can work remotely from a range of devices

Because Office 365 is available on the cloud, you can access data on the go from laptops, mobiles and tablets. This means you and your colleagues can be more productive, more collaborative, and can pave the way for new workflows and routines. Plus, all of your information is securely backed up using extensive measures.

5. Easy to use apps and tools

Microsoft’s Windows Store offers users a range of amazing business apps and tools, some of which are free, which can be added to your Office 365 homepage. Pick and choose which apps and tools you require, download them to your homepage and access them anytime from the same place.

6. Migrating your data couldn’t be easier

Office 365 makes migration simple. No matter what storage tools your business already has installed, moving over is easy. And, once you’ve moved everything over, you’ll never have to migrate your data ever again.

7. Get streamlined with online Office web apps

Wouldn’t it be great to collaborate with coworkers on documents in real time?

Office 365 lets your business work more efficiently whilst streamlining your workflows with the full MS Office productivity suite. Access documents online, make edits, improvements and add comments without the need to download the files. Office 365 promises seamless integration with all of your business systems and requirements, giving you an experience of unrivalled interoperability.

8. Instant updates and bug fixes

With Office 365, there’s no need to worry about constantly purchasing new product releases. You’ll have instant access to new features, bug fixes and updates as soon as they become available.

Sound good?

Upgrade your business today and enjoy all of these amazing features. With well thought out action plan and the right team in place, migrating to Office 365 couldn’t be easier! So, what are you waiting for? To see if Office 365 is right for your business, get in touch