5 reasons why your business should use branded email addresses

There are a whole host of email providers (Gmail, Outlook etc.) providing free email for you or your business. But are these right for your company? Or would a properly branded email address be more appropriate?…

Branded Email Addresses

When it comes to setting up email addresses, there are a whole host of named accounts like Gmail, Outlook, Live and so on. That said, however, these may not be the best option if your email address will be used for a business.

A branded email address is associated with the domain name you’ve registered for your website. So, if your business is called Software Solutions, you may choose to have an email address such as Firstname.Lastname@softwaresolutions.co.uk. This means you can easily create a bank of email addresses that link to your brand and look professional.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why branded emails are probably the most appropriate option for your business…

Strong brand name association

Whether your business is just starting out, or you’re well established, having branded email addresses is a must to get your name out there. It makes it much easier for clients, customers or readers to recognise who you work for and remember the brand name. Alongside your business phone number, an email address will be the main way people will contact you, so it makes complete sense for this to be associated with your brand.

Eliminates confusion

Having your brand name associated with the email addresses of all your employees eliminates any potential confusion on the client or customer side. If you had a different website name, brand name and email address, it could cause an unnecessary misunderstanding. Ensuring consistency and cohesion between all aspects of your business ultimately makes you look more professional and polished.

Your business looks legitimate

Having branded email addresses also helps your business to look reputable. Even though some scammers may try to use branded email addresses, it’s still easy to tell the difference between a trustworthy source and an untrustworthy one. Building trust with your clients or customers is especially important if you conduct any financial transactions over email or on your website. A branded email address creates a sense of security and reassurance.

Showcases your business as an organisation

By giving your employees branded email addresses, there is the ability to add some structure by segmenting different roles into departments. This will make your business look organised and appear larger. This can also help when clients or customers need to speaker to certain people within your business, as they can be directed to their department. You could have separate emails for accounts@softwaresolutions.co.uk, info@softwaresolutions.co.uk, help@softwaresolutions.co.uk, and so on.

It could be free!

There are many ways to create branded email addresses, many hosting packages understand that businesses need branded email address, and so offer great services. It may be possible to set up branded email addresses through your website hosting company. This will usually be part of your contract and often won’t cost any extra. If you’re not sure if you have emails attributed to your domain, contact your hosting provider and ask!

That said, the email accounts that come with your hosting package are what’s known as POP3 or IMAP email accounts. These are pretty outdated and unsophisticated forms of email and are not well suited to modern businesses. A system such Microsoft 365 will provide a much faster, more slick and professional service, providing significantly greater storage capacity (mailbox size) and the ability to sync almost instantly across multiple devices. It also makes setting up a new account on a device much quicker and easier.

We can help!

Branded email addresses are a must for businesses large and small. So, if you thought branding was only meant for large companies, think again! A business is never too small to begin building a strong and professional brand.

If you need help on the best ways to set up branded email addresses for your business, get in touch with E2E today and one of our friendly team will help.