Dave Marriott

Technical Director

The technical genius at the heart of E2E, Dave co-founded the Company and remains one of its guiding lights.

With over 13 years' experience in the sector, Dave began his career within IT as a technician for a small local business moving within just 2 years to head up the IT department of a prominent legal firm. Another 2 years later, he rose through the ranks to head up the service desk of a larger IT support company, before eventually moving on to a leading regional wholesale IT business, being fundamental to the setup of a dedicated IT support department.

Building upon the lessons and experience of this and other positions, Dave joined forces with another colleague, Dane Fennelly, to co-found E2E, their ambition to become exactly what the business has now become; the North West's leading IT support company.

Key responsibilities
  • Developing new and innovative solutions for our new and existing customers
  • Finding new and better ways to deliver our services, adding yet more value to our customers
  • Pushing the business forward thanks to the very latest solutions from our key vendors (e.g. Microsoft)
  • Assisting our Support Department in providing the very best possible service
"At E2E, we always try to be approachable, encouraging our customers to approach us for advice at any time. What's more, we strive to be at the forefront of new technology, ensuring that the services and solutions we offer are both current and scaleable to suit our clients' current and future needs. I am particularly proud of our management systems, developed internally and delivering everything we need to provide the very best service possible. I can say with conviction that the individuals who make up E2E are amongst the best in the industry with the service they provide to our clients being second to none."
Dave Marriott Technical Director

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Dave Marriott

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