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Microsoft Teams

It’s now easier to make professional video calls with Microsoft Teams customised backgrounds

One of the most exciting new features that Microsoft Teams have recently released is customised backgrounds, introducing corporate branding to video calls in just a few easy steps….

Do we need an office in a post COVID world?

How important is office space? Will my company need an office in a post COVID world?

As lockdown begins to ease throughout the UK, many businesses are now considering whether they really need an office space at all……

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet - Which is best?

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet – which is the best solution for my business?

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet all allow you to stay connected to colleagues and friends remotely. But are you using the best platform for your business needs?…

Return to Work

Is your office ready for a return to work?

Following the COVID -19 Government updates, many companies are starting to consider opening their offices and helping staff return to work. But is your workplace ready?…

Microsoft Teams

The top features of Microsoft Teams

If your business is looking for an innovative tool to help your team collaborate more effectively, maintain productivity and, crucially, stay connected, Microsoft Teams could well be what you’re looking for!…

What is Software as a Service

What is Software as a Service? And why should you care?

You may have heard of the term ‘Software as a Service’ or ‘SaaS’. But exactly what is it, why would you need it and what types of software can fall into this category?…

Working from home during lockdown

The dos and don’ts of working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown

As companies adapt to remote working, it’s important to ensure that your team has everything they need to stay productive. To help out, we’ve put together a series of hints and tips that should make home working during the Coronavirus lockdown easier….

Are mobile phones giving us horns?

Are we growing horns due to overuse of mobile phones?

A recent report compiled by biomechanists at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia has claimed that young people who overuse their mobile phones can develop ‘horns’ on their heads! But are their claims unfounded?…

Coronavirus affecting UK IT hardware supplies from China

Coronavirus affecting UK IT hardware supplies from China

The spread of Coronavirus has led to production issues in China and thus shortages of key components into the UK. This in turn is leading to widespread concern that there will be severe shortages of IT hardware……

Are 5G health risks a conspiracy

5G health risks – a conspiracy theory?

After seven years of 4g, the UK’s first 5g network has officially been switched on by EE. But conspiracy theories regarding the new network are growing every day. But are they well-founded?…

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